The Pranic Heal-A-Thon is a series of Healing Camps organized by the Pranic Healing Foundation of South Mumbai to introduce you to the joys of Pranic Healing. With one on one healing sessions, counselling and the Twin Hearts meditation - the Pranic Heal-A-Thon is unmissable! It is open to all so bring your friends and family to have a wonderful experience of energy healing

What happens during a Heal-A-Thon?
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Open and free for all

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Session Duration: 1.5 hours per slot

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Pranic Healing

Treat physical & psychological ailments which range from the simple - likeaches and pains, back problems, diabetes, high BP, heart ailments to emotional pain, fear, addictions, depression and much more.

Pranic Healing can be used to help treat a range of issues including stress and help boost immunity.

Meditation on
Twin Hearts

Learn the simple, yet powerful Twin Hearts Meditation for inner peace and happiness. It removes a lot of negative thoughts and emotions and guides the practitioner towards harmony and love. It’s 21 minutes and apart from its other benefits (see here) it’s a great stress reliever.


Understand the world of Pranic Healing and energy. Use it to improve health, relationships and finances; and to grow spiritually.

Life Changing Experiences

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