Our Ashram

Cradled in the lush expanse of the Sahyadri hills in Mulshi, lies home. The GMCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram was Grandmaster Choa’s dream and a gift to his students.

Spread over close to sixty acres of land, it is a sanctuary for practitioners, providing inspiration, solace and a space for focused study. GMCKS may have attained Mahasamadhi, but the ashram affirms his presence, welcoming all who enter its gates.

Undulating gracefully over a hill, the pristine surroundings provide panoramic views of peaks, valleys and the Mulshi lake. Its studio units with the comforts of home for practitioners, dining chamber and two meditation halls tier down over a mount, punctuated beautifully by landscaped gardens and topiary.

A stay at the ashram is especially rejuvenating given that the spacious, comfortable quarters and meditation chambers were all designed according to the tenets of Pranic Feng Shui. And just as energy bodies are fed by the abundant prana; delicious, wholesome food from the kitchens take care of the physical form. The ashram’s administration is always on call and work tirelessly to ensure security and a productive stay for Arhatic Yogis. With a perfect balance of nature and nurturing, it’s more than coming home here; it’s heaven on earth.

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