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Wellness@Workplace is an initiative by Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of South Mumbai to promote wellbeing in the corporate space. It has completed almost 3 successful years, reaching out to 9300 participants across 93 corporates. Wellness@Workplace program focuses on the all-encompassing well-being of employees by enhancing their lives and health. The techniques are highly potent to deal with stress levels and uplift everyone's well-being hence improving the overall corporate synergy.

The Wellness@Workplace Programme uses the science of Pranic Healing to empower employees physically, emotionally and mentally. It gives the techniques to cope up with stress levels and to improve the overall well-being, thus creating a positive impact on the company. It includes an orientation session on the importance of energy, followed by the practice of a powerful 'Meditation on Twin Hearts’. In addition, employees do get an opportunity to experience a healing and counselling session from our professional Pranic Healers.

Employees and organizations have benefited in many ways. Do watch our video below to know more. Register your organization to get a wellness experience in The Pranic Way!

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of energy in our life

Techniques to instantly
energize ourselves

Simple and powerful
meditation for inner peace

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